Sunday, October 11, 2009

Panic. Hysteria. Common Sense

When sitting playing drinking games with various foreigners in Japan one of the Italian backpackers came out with a phrase that I still remember in his accent and is apt for today: Nobody Panic.

Seriously, the Leafs have barely played 10% of their season and there are fans ready to throw themselves, not to mention Burke and the boys, over bridges because of the poor start.

It's not the time. Maybe in a month or so, especially after November, if this trend continues, we could hit the panic alarm but for now we all need to take a deep breath and as Frankie says: Relax. This is a long marathon and it's early on. Last year don't forget les Habitants started their first 4 games at 3-0-1 and their fans were clamouring about Cup hopes. We all know how their season ended.

So don't worry. Be happy and as always: Nobody Panic.

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  1. Heck they haven't even played 5% of the season yet (before Monday's game).