Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No TV makes me angry

Here I am, sitting in Kingston, having probably had too much to drink and I realize that I can't watch my beloved Maple Leafs. Today it's because the season hasn't started yet but even when the season does start I appartently am considered to be in the Sens zone. The Sens? I'd be surprised if they were even the majority choice of hokey fans in the Ottawa region, let alone Kingston.

As I'm looking for a solution to be able to watch the Leafs games and Leafs TV online isn't giving me any help I'm turning to you for suggestions to watch. I am aware of the streaming sites such as the European one but I need ideas to get the games guaranteed, without any worry. Post your suggestions in the comment box. While you're at it check this out:


11,159 people were on hand to watch the Doc pitch last night. As a Jays fan I am ashamed. 11, 159? You could get more people to watch Nickelback and they suck. If this continues the Jays are in for a world of hurt.

This combined with yet another Halladay loss marks the lowest point of the Jays season thus far. Who would have thought it could get this bad?