Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No TV makes me angry

Here I am, sitting in Kingston, having probably had too much to drink and I realize that I can't watch my beloved Maple Leafs. Today it's because the season hasn't started yet but even when the season does start I appartently am considered to be in the Sens zone. The Sens? I'd be surprised if they were even the majority choice of hokey fans in the Ottawa region, let alone Kingston.

As I'm looking for a solution to be able to watch the Leafs games and Leafs TV online isn't giving me any help I'm turning to you for suggestions to watch. I am aware of the streaming sites such as the European one but I need ideas to get the games guaranteed, without any worry. Post your suggestions in the comment box. While you're at it check this out:


  1. thank you for ruining my morning.

  2. The Sens are spreading like a disease- no one watches them, but there was no way 5 years ago that Kingston was included in their broadcast region. If it is, that is one stupid decision- Kingston is the place where Gilmour and Cherry are heroes and the Leaf fans are thick on the ground.
    My suggestion? Find a way to buy the Sens and move them to...........

  3. Not Alaska...I'm thinking Gabon, or Zaire, or Thailand. Somewhere far away.

    Even Baffin Island would do. Or PEI.

  4. is a streaming site but not European (Don Cherry approves). It usually is pretty reliable. I use it to watch MMA events sometimes.

    Can we petition for Boohoo the Bear to become the Bruins' mascot?

  5. I can't wait for Brittany and Boo Hoo:The Musical. Aren't you supposed to be studying, mister? Now, keep that ball away from Stajan's eye...

  6. You have really nice legs. ANd such a cute skirt!

  7. Thanks ld. I agree my legs are beautiful.