Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Rogers

Dear Rogers,
I've been a patient fan. I've waited. It's been 18 years since I last saw the Blue Jays play anything resembling meaningful baseball.
I've gone to the ballpark. I paid the extra price for tickets when the ticket prices were raised. I've endured the Skydome changing into the Rogers Centre and going from having the cheapest concessions in the league to paying $10 for American beer. I've bought merchandise. I have hats from every incarnation of the Blue Jays logo (except for that abysmal muscle bound Jay). I watch games on TV live and see the advertising on the network owned by you. I listen to games on the radio station, also owned by you. I've put up with drastic payroll cuts, going from a team with the highest salary in baseball to a team that doesn't even meet league average.
I was thrilled when Alex Anthopoulos became the GM and his new vision for the Blue Jays. This was going to be a team built the right way through shrewd trades for prospects and draft picks. There is a time, however, when you have to add to those prospects and picks. There is a time where you have to show the fans that there is a reason to hope, a reason to believe, a reason to keep cheering for the team.
Yet, in this offseason there were 3 major names which could have been acquired simply by spending money. I'll ignore Albert Pujols, because he was not really an option. It leaves us with Yu Darvish and Prince Fielder.
Darvish was projected by many to be a Blue Jays target, some of whom even predicting the Jays as favourites to land him. Tonight, it was announced that Texas won the bidding. The Texas Rangers, a team who in May 2010 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but who were saved by new owners with a desire to win. I have no idea what the Blue Jays offered but I have no reason based on past experience to believe it was a competitive bid.
Prince Fielder, also has been mentioned as a Toronto target but once again despite all the league thinking that the Jays have money to spend all the indications point otherwise.
So this is a simple request. Show us fans that you have the desire to win. Show us that winning the World Series is worth risking losing money. (Although with a competitive team even a stadium that's half full would be profit making).
I have 2 years left in my cellphone contract with your company. It currently is my only remaining service with Rogers. It will likely be my last, although a playoff appearance may change my mind.
[Name withheld]