Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Call me the Great Swami

Time to break out that crystal ball and predict what will happen this season to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

1. By November, when it matters, the love affair I have with every player on this team will start to wane and I will begin to hate certain players (I'm looking at you Jason Blake).

2. No matter how well the Leafs do the mittenstringers will find their way to criticize them. If they are in a playoff position, it will be for rebuilding too fast and not accumulating draft picks. If they are not in a playoff position, then Cox et al will break out the playoff drought articles and the obligatory 1967 references.

3. Grabbo will be the most entertaining player to watch. Maybe he won't score 50 goals but with that hair, that truculent spirit, and his destruction of pineapples he doesn't need to.

4. Luke Schenn will not suffer from the so-called "sophomore jinx" and will be amazing as usual. He will make several ladies pregnant just with a glance.

5. Tomas Kaberle will not end the season as a Leaf but it won't be on the team Hockeybuzz "predicts". In fact Hockeybuzz will be wrong about all things Leafs (e5).

6. Gustavsson/Toskala arguments will dominate the airwaves and it will be a good thing.

7. The Leafs will finish higher than the Senators. This unlike an Alfredsson guarantee, will happen.

8. The Leafs will be accused of having a lack of scoring even if they finish 10th in the League in scoring, again.

9. The Montreal Canadiens will not be able to cross the Leafs blue line due to fear of decapitation. Even I'm not short enough to make that team.

10. PLAYOFFS!!!1


  1. Your optimism is contagious, my friend.

  2. Hello,
    I'm working on a television commercial and we are interested in licensing the crystal ball photo that you have on this page for use in that commercial. Can you give me any information about where you found this photo that might help lead me to the copyright holder? Any information at all would be very much appreciated. I can be reached at