Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Woohoo! I'm heading to Montreal on Thursday to spend some time with the good people at Pension Plan Puppets and expect to have fun cheering on the Leafs pick in Round 1 and possibly stumbling out of bed with a massive hangover for Day 2. Some people would have some concern over spending a weekend with random people they've never met before who's only known commonality is a love for the Leafs but I feel no such fear. After all I have Wendel watching over me and OLAS on my side.

As for the actual draft I'm holding out hope that Burkie can pull off a miracle and move up into the top 5 by snagging Atlanta or L.A.'s pick. That way he can get Brayden Schenn, aka the brother of God Jr. or Evander Kane, aka the other guy. I'm not hoping for a top 3 pick because I think it would cost far more than what would be acceptable for a rebuilding franchise. I think he will make some sort of big move, because after all that's what he's known for but even if Burke doesn't manage to move up the Leafs could still pick up a great player in Jared Cowen at 7th. If that happens I expect to head to a karaoke bar to sing "I am Cow" by the Arrogant Worms for the remainder of the night. The only player ranked in the top 10 that I do not want the Leafs to draft is Magnus long last name. The Leafs in all honesty need an influx of toughness and MSP is not going to provide that as much as Schenn or even the lower rated Kassian would.

Any way it goes it should be fun and if it doesn't go well we can always burn the city to the ground.


  1. Look for two first rounders to be gathered by the Leafs, and for Burke to flip those two to get into the top 3...

  2. I almost made a Cowen shirt. I didnt want to jinx anything.