Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who Needs A.J.?

I've never been to a Jays playoff game but now I know what it would be like. The Dome was packed and the crowd was loud. They were on A.J. from his first pitch (a ball) to when he was pulled in the 8th. A fan even threw back an A-Rod foul ball. Doc was his usual dominant self. He was in the zone, perhaps even elevating himself to another level because of the relative importance of the game. He only allowed himself to crack a smile when the game was over and he had his complete game victory. It definitely lived up to its billing and could not have ended with a better result. As for A.J., when he left, the thousands of fans in the crowd wearing hats mockingly tipped them to him.

Richmond and "the youngster" Tallet head to the mound next. The Pennant is getting closer. Magic number:128.

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