Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dominic Moore

I have to be honest. The most pleasure I got this season was not from any Leafs victory or loss (during my hope for tanking phase) but from watching Dominic Moore struggle after being traded to Buffalo. Moore and his agent somehow decided that magic fairy dust had made Moore into a decent first or second line player and that he deserved first or second line money. No longer was Moore a third or fourth line grinder. No, he was a player that could help propel a team to the next level. That's why he rejected a contract worth a reported $5 million over 3 years thinking he could get $2.5-3 million on the open market. I guess he didn't take economics classes in Harvard ie. buy low, sell high.

Anytime a player thinks he's worth more than he's getting paid makes me want to take a highstick to their face. Worse still, some GMs are stupid enough to reward these players overinflated contracts such as Glen Sather's contracts to Drury and Gomez in New York and JFJ's contract to McCabe. Luckily for the Leafs, Brian Burke is smarter than other GMs and way, way, way smarter than Harvard Boy Moore. He had a player that was having a career year that he will never likely repeat and was at his highest possible trade value. Shipping him off to the Sabres for a second round pick was daylight robbery.

In Buffalo, Moore had 4 points in 18 games, 1 goal and 3 assists and got his face punched a few times by the Saviour, Luke Schenn. They gave up a second rounder for that? Glen Sather paid the same price to get Antropov to the Rangers and he had 13 points in 18 games. Dominic Moore has done the impossible. He has made Glen Sather look smart.


  1. there's special place in my heart for people who are trying to make rangers suck

  2. What happens if Moore comes back in the summer?

  3. Moore can come back in the summer, if he pays US to play for the team. :)

  4. With Tlusty coming up next season there should be a place for Moore on the Marlies.