Monday, May 4, 2009

How Sweep it is

First Sweep. First in the American League. The first test against a divisional rival went well for the Jays. That being said it was against the worst team in the division and the only team in the AL East that has no chance for the playoffs. They also had to win the second game the hard way, forcing extra innings due to Aaron Hill, first an error then his homer, and then having Hill get the game-winning RBI as well. Nevertheless, the Jays still won all three games and their Magic Number to clinch a playoff spot is now 135. The tough tests against the Yankees and Red Sox are coming this month but this is not the end of the road for the Jays as many are claiming. Last year the only team in the East the Jays lost the season series to was the Rays, finishing 7-11 against them. They split the series against both the Yankees and Red Sox going 9-9 respectively and dominated the Orioles going 12-6. The Pennant is coming.

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